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Who We Are


Dr. Kofoed is the CEO and founder of Idaho Eye Pros. The company was previously known as Dr. Kofoed and Associates, however, with continued expansion there was a need to change the name. Dr. Kofoed has provided optometrist services exclusively to Eyemart Express since 1996 starting with the Boise location. With over a quarter million eye exams and over 100 years’ experience between them, our doctors have a wealth of experience.

Our team of over 25 offers services in Boise, Nampa and Idaho Falls with a hope that when you visit we make you feel like family.

Some Statistics

Customer Satisfaction (current survey 122 patients asked): 99.8% Good or excellent. 100% satisfied

Our Services

Personalized Eye Exam

Our exams normally include retinal photography, pressure checks and refraction plus whatever test your Optometrist deems necessary.

Contact Lens Fitting

We are Idaho leading supplier of lenses. We supply the full range of contacts including monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, daily disposable as well as custom designed Rigid Gas Permeable. We cater to those wanting to change the color of the eye, have astigmatism and those that need multi focal lenses.

Eye Health Screening for Eye Diseases

We use advanced and up to date equipment and machines for diagnosis and treatment of diseases and defects of the eye, and we constantly strive to provide unparalleled eye care and treatment.

Client Testimonials

Quick service, efficient staff, wonderful doctor and I am a happy patient. – Chrissie

Very happy with Idaho Eye Pros service and can’t wait to come back next year. – Vicki

Idaho Eye Pros – keep up the good work I love your enthusiasm – Jessica

Our Team

Matt Soderling

General Manager

Sherri Thiel

Office Manager

Jale Brooks

Manager and Insurance Specialist

Krista Federer

Accounts, Payroll and Insurance Specialist

Kayla Nuñez

Operations Manager CPO


Accounts and Credentialing Manager


Office Administrator


Insurance Specialist

Garrett Gallagher

Certified Paraoptometric, CPO, Office Manager

Tyler Soderling

Certified Paraoptometric, CPO, Assistant Manager

Heidi Kofoed

Eye Professional

Elaina Kassel

Eye Professional

Delaney Call

Eye Professional

Jason Boehmer

Eye Professional

Miranda Wheeler

Eye Professional

Molli Blea

Eye Professional


Eye Professional


Eye Professional


Eye Professional

Kelsea Ciganovich

Office Manager, CPO

Tiffany Bradshaw


Erika Castillo


Amanda Gunter

Assistant Manager

Courtney Perkins

Eye Professional

Joseph Mora

Eye Professional

Mike Knight

Eye Professional


Eye Professional


Certified Paraoptometric, CPO, Office Manager


Certified Paraoptometric, CPO

Fiona Barton

Eye Professional


Eye Professional

Jaron Kofoed



Eye Professional


Eye Professional